Pitch Black Goodness – Activated charcoal and its uses

Charcoal bread, charcoal masks, charcoal dehumidifiers, what else is there?

Activated charcoal(not the kind you use for BBQs) is basically a form of carbon that is used in the removal of organic impurities(the bad stuff of everything). Historically used as an emergency substance for cancelling poisons both in and out of a body, activated charcoal grew to be used in almost every aspect of modern industry.

In farming, activated charcoal is added to crops and animal feed as a natural pesticide, while stopping poisons etc from harming animals upon ingestion. In heavy industry, different types of activated charcoal are used in the filtration of harmful chemicals and make materials safe for further processing.

Medically, activated charcoal is able to filter and remove alcohol poisoning and drug overdoses in an emergency, removing them from the body in an emergency before the body further damages itself.

A scientist by the name of Professor Touery in 1831 took in a lethal dose of poison called strychnine after combining it with activated charcoal, demonstrating its potential antidote capabilities. The substance itself functions like a magnet, and is able to attract most foreign bodies by binding with them. The human body itself does not digest charcoal, and allows the poison to pass through the body with minimal harm.

Charcoal good! Read on for more!

That’s not all,

activated charcoal is also present in everyday life as a natural remedy, it can be used to brush teeth for that natural shine. It is also an effective relief for flatulence, upset stomachs, food poisoning and a powerful magnet for dirt, oil. Dehumidifiers that remove moisture from the air typically utilize such charcoals, guarding the house against mould growth and disease.

It’s hard to ignore the potential of activated charcoal, and when cosmetic experts took notice they immediately went to work. In combination with soaps, they discovered that the charcoal particles have greatly helped in the removal of fine dirt and grit from pores, providing a fuller, complete wash.

In skincare, activated charcoal has been proven to also provide deep cleansing when combined with typical mask formulas, resulting in a clean, and almost unmatched radiance. It also safely accelerates the healing of acne by drawing harmful substances away from the skin’s surface, all while minimizing scarring.

Nice to know that a bit of darkness could give us fair skin.

Got to love ingenuity.

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