CADEAU – The Gift of Giving

Gifts comes in all shapes and sizes, and we have just the thing for this Christmas.

Introducing our newly stocked brand, CADEAU!

CADEAU is the French word for gift, which sums up the concept about what we wish to achieve and that is appreciation, love, and passion. Through our products, you’d be able to convey that message better to your loved one in as little steps as possible.

Our newest product to be featured is in our line of CADEAU Lip Glows, available in a set of four with each one containing the full effect of a lip balm and is gentle on sensitive skin. Encased in a warm, brassy finish bearing the CADEAU name, the fragrant balm takes on the color of the flower sealed within, immortalizing it as a symbol of gratitude(for as long as there is lipglow left, I’m sure).

The balm itself is handmade using the essences of nine different flowers in its ingredients, and out of a set of four there are also four different flowers sealed inside the lipglow, all harvested from different seasons of the year in South Korea.

We guarantee it looks good.

Timeless and contemporary. Look forward to CADEAU’s release, we’re due for launch in the near future!

Stay tuned for more!

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