Handmade? Macam yes.

Good day, pretty people!

Today we’re going to be talking about the ups and downs of handmade products, and how it’ll play out in pretty much every aspect of your life. We all know a certain someone who wants to find out what goes into the making of their items because of issues like allergies, ethics, whether if it’s au naturel, you get what I mean!

Handmade products are a big thing in everyday life. You know what you want to make for that someone, and you more or less know the whole process in making that item. The same principle applies when you’re buying something off a shelf and whether you know what went into it.

Did they spend enough care in handling those ingredients?

Have the makers put enough time into its design?

Is this good for me?

After it all, and taking a good look at the whole picture, handmade is good for a lot of things. When someone buys handmade goods, more people would have jobs making those handmade goods to meet demands on a greater scale. Money gets to change hands faster and it makes for healthy competition, too!

Oh, and it also helps the community since you’re spending money on supporting their production, and when they grow they’d also make better products for you to buy and love too!

Handmade goods are also really green, because they tend to go straight on a shelf once their makers are done making them from processed raw materials, so you’d know how where these items come from without getting lost. They’re also pretty, if not mostly better than what you get out of something that’s mass-produced. And the one thing about handmade products is that they’re all unique.

(pinterest, ilu <3)

Sure, we may be paying more for something, but you’re paying for the love, the time spent and the skills and artistry that went into creating the things we love today, and through that, the handmade things we buy are so, so much more personal that way.

In short, handmade is good. Support handmade!

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